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The children were involved in the design of the new adventure playground, and it has featured in The News.

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Published on Saturday 15 September 2012 05:00

AS A selfless final request, deputy headteacher Sue Miness asked that mourners at her funeral donate money to her school rather than spend it on flowers.

And now the 46-year-old’s legacy can been seen in the grounds of St John’s CofE Primary School where a fantastic adventure playground has been created in her memory.

Mrs Miness, a mother of two, died in June 2011 after a battle with bone cancer.

She had always wanted something the junior school children could play on and felt the play equipment at the Rowlands Castle school was geared more to younger children.

The Parent Teacher Association set about raising the money needed to install some climbing equipment which was unveiled last night at the school’s annual barbecue.

Headteacher Kay Pennicotte-Henrie said: ‘Before Sue died she started a project to fundraise for adventure play equipment for the older children in the junior side of the school. She started planning and getting ideas.

‘She asked that when she died people gave money to the PTA to carry on the project instead of giving flowers.

‘The designs were given to the older children to get their views on them and they really liked them.

‘It was installed just before the end of the summer holidays so the older children had the chance to use it before they moved on.

‘They loved it and all wished they could stay at St John’s to keep using it.’

Altogether, the PTA raised £5,000 to pay for the playground.

At the moment it is one large piece of equipment but parts can be added to it as more money is raised.

‘It is all environmentally- friendly because Sue was very keen that it should be,’ said Mrs Pennicotte-Henrie.

Back in February pupils brainstormed ideas with professionals from a landscaping company.

They are now delighted with the newest piece of equipment to play with.

Fynn Wilde, a Year 6 pupil, said: ‘It’s pretty cool and is fun to play on. ‘

And Oliver Summerill, also in Year 6, said: ‘I think it’s very generous of Mrs Miness to have given us this marvellous equipment.

Mrs Miness, who had a real love for the great outdoors, lived in Rowlands Castle and was well-known in the community.

Both her sons went to the school and were with their father Kevin at last night’s barbecue.