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See below list of upcoming PTA Events for 2018


Saturday 16th June 2018 – SCHOOL SUMMER FAIR

It is undoubtedly the biggest social date of the school calendar and the PTA preparations are well under way to make sure it’s as good, if not better, as always.


Sunday 8th July 2018 – STREET DANCE CLASSES!

In the last news letter we gave a hint of an exciting new event we are running, here are the first few details…

Our friends on the Rowlands Castle Village Fair Committee (ie NOT the school summer fair) have said that we can use the marquee the day after the fair.

So on SUNDAY 8th JULY we will be running some STREET DANCE classes in the marquee with the amazing FUNKFORMAT team.

In this workshop you will learn the freshest street dance moves ranging from Hip-Hop foundations to Breakin’ (Breakdancing). Whether you are a total beginner or have some experience, join us for a fun filled session. All levels and abilities welcome.

There will be two age groups and tickets will cost £6 for 3-6 year olds and £7 for 7-14. We expect interest to be very, very high so keep your eyes and ears open for further details soon.

You can find out a bit more about FUNKFORMAT here – http://www.funkformat.com/

We are so grateful to the Summer Fair Committee for allowing us to do this and the event will be open to ANYONE and not just pupils of St John’s.


Friday 13th July 2018 – PTA FAMILY SUMMER BBQ

If you haven’t been to the BBQ before I’d highly recommend it. Great food, great company, a fun quiz, pumping tunes – what better way to start a summer weekend?

One other very strong point to consider when deciding whether to come (which you will) – generally speaking the kids run off together and leave you in peace for an hour or so – I’m in!








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  1. Jenny Chivers says:

    Hi Anita please can you send me a booking form for 17th junes summer fair. Please can you tell me do you supply the table and chairs. We do novelty cushions, rag dolls, chalk boards, bags home made crafts to our own designs.

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