Why have a Parent Teacher Association?

Essential to the running of any good school is the role the Parent Teachers Association play.  St. John’s only has so much money allocated to it each year by the Local Authority which covers the basic running of our school.   In order to provide the best educational experience for all pupils, the school needs to raise extra funds and the PTA is the main way we do this.

What has been paid for by the PTA for the school over the last few years?

  • Key Stage 2 Play Equipment (Cost approx. £7000)
  • Donation to New School Library (£5000)
  • Subsidised 25% of the cost of Year 5 residential trip (approx. £45 per child per year)
  • Each class teacher gets £150 to spend per year to support class activities
  • Each class teacher gets £50 per year to purchase Christmas presents for children
  • Tea parties for the Royal Wedding and Jubilee with Commemorative Coins for each child
  • We host and fund various social events such as wine/mince pies at the Christmas Carol concerts and meet the teacher evenings
  • Open Box theatre visits to the school
  • External school trips
  • Sports kits
  • Year 6 breakfast before SATS and class treat post SATS.

There are many more things we have bought or contributed to that have directly benefited your children at school. All you need to do is look around the school to see what the children would miss out on if the PTA was not available.   In the next year our major donation will be towards the Outdoor Learning Project.


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