Rules & Guidelines for the Rowlands Castle Scarecrow Trail 2020

The theme for 2020 is “Film Characters”

Competition Rules:

  • The competition and trail starts at 9am on Saturday 7th November and runs until 4pm Sunday 15th November 2020.
  • Entry fee is £10.
  • To enter, please email your chosen ‘Film Character’. We shall reply with payment/entry form instructions. We shall then reserve your character for 2 days as there are no duplicate characters allowed. Completed scarecrow entry forms and payment must be completed within those 2 days to confirm your chosen character.
  • Deadline for Scarecrow entries is Monday 26th October 2020. Confirmation of your entry will be emailed to you.
  • Any proceeds to go towards the St John’s Primary School PTA.
  • Scarecrows to be visible each day of the trail from 9am until dusk.
  • Scarecrows need to be maintained, as far as possible, in good condition for the duration of the trail.
  • Organisers will provide an A4 poster that must be displayed with the scarecrow. If, for some reason, the scarecrow is not available, the poster must still be displayed for trail followers to see.
  • Organisers will take photos of the registered scarecrows on the first day.
  • Registration of a scarecrow permits St John’s School to use the photos on the school/PTA website, in social media & in any promotional literature.
  • Registration of a scarecrow permits their house number & road on the trail map
  • Duplicate characters will NOT be allowed. This will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The organisers will send confirmation of entry acceptance.
  • Scarecrows must be suitable for family viewing, offensive scarecrows will be disqualified
  • If the organisers have to limit the numbers of scarecrows in the trail, priority will be given to early entrants. Some entrants may be asked to consider alternative locations for their scarecrows in order to maintain a reasonably spaced and balanced trail.
  • There will be prizes for the best scarecrows in 3 categories as well as a competition for the public who have purchased a trail map.
  • There will be 3 categories: Funniest Scarecrow, Favourite Scarecrow (Adult’s choice), Favourite Scarecrow (Children’s choice). The winning scarecrows will be decided by votes from members of the general public who have purchased a trail map. A scarecrow may only win one category and the organisers decision is final.
  • Trail competition (entires to be submitted by 6pm on Sunday 15th Nov) – the entry with the most correct answers will win. If there is more than one entrant who guesses the most correct answers, then the winner of the competition will be randomly selected by a draw from those entrants.
  • Winners will be notified via email and announced on social media by Thursday 19th November at the latest.

Competition Guidelines

  • Above all, the Scarecrow Trail is all about having fun, we hope that you do!
  • This year, the primary concern is the safety and well-being of everyone who participates in the trail. Please consider siting your scarecrow where it gets the widest view from your property to avoid people “crowding” whilst viewing. Consider the size and position of the Scarecrow so that it may be viewed from a distance.
  • Please ensure that you follow current Government guidelines in regards to social distancing (i.e. 2 metres apart from people you do not live with) and in groups of no more than 6 people. (Correct as of 10th October 2020)
  • When making your scarecrow think about the theme and the characteristics and/or situation that will make your choice of scarecrow instantly recognisable.
  • Scarecrows can be made in the traditional format i.e. based around a cross shaped frame and making use of straw etc. or as a modern interpretation. Face masks, paper-mache and other materials may all be used but thought should be given to how these will stand up to the elements throughout the duration of the Scarecrow Trail.
  • It is recommended that scarecrows in the front garden of private houses are set back from their front boundary fences to minimise the risk of vandalism. Commercial premises may wish to display their scarecrow either standing or seated outside during the hours they are open and in their windows whilst they are closed.
  • Should the weather not be on our side, then if they are clearly visible /recognisable from the front of the house then this would be a viable alternative.
  • When making the scarecrow, take into consideration how easy it will be to move it, if required.
  • Scarecrows can be standing, seated, lying down and posed as if participating in an activity.
  • If you have any queries, please email